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Prepare your mission

The CFEE helps researchers and students in Ethiopia and supports research conducted in the countries of the Horn of Africa (Djibouti, Eritrea, Somaliland, and South Sudan) as long as they meet security requirements. Researchers from all nationalities may ask for the CFEE’s support.
Be careful : trips and researches conducted in the entire region must fulfil a number of conditions (see below).

Visas to Ethiopia

Depending on the type of fieldwork you seek to carry out, the kind of visa you need to request and the procedure necessary to obtain it may be an important issue. You need to contact the CFEE at least 6 weeks prior to departure (

Research autorisations

  Excavations in Ethiopia

Researches in Palaeontology, Archaeology, and some other disciplines dealing with Ethiopian tangible heritage, need to obtain a research authorisation delivered by the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH), a partner of the CFEE. Researchers should thus send an application explaining their research project to the ARCCH at least two months in advance. The CFEE may assist you in following-up on ARCCH related procedures.

ARCCH application form for research authorisations :

Application form ARCCH

Once the research authorisation has been delivered, the ARCCH will appoint two experts to accompany the mission : one from the regional office, and one from the federal office. The mission needs to pay these two experts 25$ USD per day.
When the application is submitted, 20$ USD as well as the equivalent of 10% of the total amount of the mission’s budget (with documents as proofs) must be paid by bank transfer on the ARCCH’s account.

The application must be sent to Ato Demrew Dagne, acting director of theCultural Heritage Research Directorate of theARCCH ( You can CC the CFEE when you send this e-mail. For more information on the procedure and to request the CFEE’s help, please contact the administrative ( and scientific ( secretaries of the CFEE.

  Other researches in Ethiopia :

Even though other kinds of research do not officially require a research permit in Ethiopia, we advise you to contact the concerned academic or administrative institutions in order to obtain a supporting letter.

The CFEE can assist you in these procedures, especially when they involve our partners (such as the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University), in order to obtain a recommendation letter or to access libraries and collections of archives. Be careful : recommendation letters and academic support are normally contingent on obtaining a ‘business’ visa.

  Researches carried out in other countries of the Horn of Africa

Contact the CFEE as soon as possible (


Researchers and students wishing to come to Ethiopia or any other country of the Horn of Africa should first read the page on travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

French nationals traveling in Ethiopia and/or any neighbour country for less than six months should register on Fil d’Ariane, it will allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to contact them and know their location in case of problem.

French nationals traveling in Ethiopia and/or any neighbour country for six months or more should register on the consular list of French nationals living abroad in the French embassy of the country they stay in.

See the website of the Embassy of France in Ethiopia.

Travel orders and insurances

Researchers and students wishing to come to Ethiopia or any other country of the Horn of Africa absolutely need to obtain a travel order from the institution they are affiliated to prior to departure.

Travellers need repatriation insurance.