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City Guides

The Ethiopian City Guides of the CFEE are published by the CFEE, and distributed in Ethiopia by Shama Books. They are published in English. They are books for the general readership whose authors are researchers who have acquired considerable knowledge of Ethiopian cities. These experts share their knowledge by describing the unique atmosphere of several neighbourhoods they have selected for each city.

Detailed maps indicating important and useful sites help the reader discover various itineraries. The folding map included offers a general overview of each city.

Socio-historical descriptions are illustrated by means of original images.

 A. Wion, Sisay Sahile, S. Hardy, J. Le Péchon, M. J. Ramos, Gondar, 2014 

 T. Osmond, N. Deleau, J. Le Péchon, Dire Dawa, 2013

 D. Harre, Wondimagegn Gashaw, J. Le Péchon, Addis Ababa Old Piazza, CFEE / Lit Verlag / Shama Books, 2017

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