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Un œil sur la Corne, is the scientific blog of the CFEE. It pubishes in French and English the news of the Center and of its research activities, mais également des articles de veille scientifique et des contenus inédits (notes de recherche, de terrain, de conjoncture, entretiens, etc.).
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Documentary Screening: Bury the Spear, Friday 13th May, 3 PM – SOFIES / CFEE

3 May 2022

DOCUMENTARY / DOCUMENTAIRE BURY THE SPEAR By the anthropologist/filmmaking team of Ivo Strecker and Alula Pankhurst (2003) Friday 13th May, 3 PM @ CFEE To pursue the monthly screening cycle of documentaries in...

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Seminar Archaeological Fieldworks / 12th April. 9.45 AM / Alliance Éthio-Française

7 April 2022

SEMINAR / SÉMINAIRE Ethiopian Archaeological Fieldwork – Latest Researches and News Tuesday, April 12, 2022 – 9.45 AM to 6.30 PM @ Alliance Éthio-Française – Cinema Hall This seminar organized by M. Routhiau...

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Seminar – Hydro-Climatic Changes & Paleolandscape Evolution (ARCCH/CFEE)

25 March 2022

SEMINAR The Role of Hydro-Climatic Changes on Paleolandscape Evolution and on Prehistoric Settlement During the Last Humid-Arid Cycle in the Horn of Africa By Carlo Mologni With an introduction of the VAPOR-Afar research program...

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Documentary Screening: Arho – The Afar Salt Trade of Northeastern Ethiopia, Friday 25th February, 3 PM

21 February 2022

DOCUMENTARY / DOCUMENTAIRE ARHO – The Afar Salt Trade of Northeastern Ethiopia By Till J. F. Trojer (2019) Friday 25th February 2022, 3 PM @ CFEE To pursue the monthly screening cycle of...

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Call for Papers: Annales d’Éthiopie vol. 35

11 February 2022

APPEL À CONTRIBUTIONS / CALL FOR PAPERS Annales d’Éthiopie, vol. 35 (2023) Dossier thématique – Archéologie en Éthiopie : archives et actualité de la recherche Special issue – Archaeology in Ethiopia: archives and current...

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CFEE Fieldwork grants 2022

11 February 2022

APPEL À CANDIDATURES / CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Bourses de Terrain 2022 / 2022 Fieldwork grants Les candidatures seront examinées tout au long de l’année jusqu’au 15 Septembre 2022 Applications would be received throughout the year...

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“The Field of the ‘Photographable’” – Summary of the online Conference – 18/05/2021

7 February 2022

“The Field of the ‘Photographable’” From the Global North to the Global South and from the Global South to the Global North. Visual Approaches, Appropriation and Flows in Africa Summary of the Conference...

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Seminar on Women and Gender issues

26 January 2022

SEMINAR Where is the Nation Heading? Empress Menen School for Girls and the ‘New Era’ in Ethiopia (the 1940s-1950s) Thursday 27th January, 2 PM @ CFEE – French Center for Ethiopian Studies, Berhanu Abebe...

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FMSH Call for mobility to France – 2022 Atlas

21 January 2022

Call for applications | Atlas 2022 | Horn of Africa > France Deadline: 25th March 2022 |Postdoctoral Research Stay The Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) and the Centre français des études...

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Sources. Materials & Fieldwork in African Studies, no. 3 (Varia) – ONLINE

14 January 2022

Sources. Materials & Fieldwork in African Studies, no. 3 (Varia) December 2021 This Varia issue opens a new journey through the sources of our knowledge of Africa. It starts with the presentation of (...)

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Lithic technology of the Middle Pleistocene in Melka Kunture, Garba III

24 December 2021

TERRAIN/FIELDWORK The “tranchet blow” technique during the Middle Pleistocene in Ethiopia: technical convergence or cultural transmission? By Sol Sánchez-Dehesa Galán Sol Sánchez-Dehesa Galán conducted her PhD in co-direction with La Sapienza University (Italy) (...)

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Geohistorical approach of environmental changes and socio-environmental relations

21 December 2021

TERRAIN/FIELDWORK Environmental changes and socio-environmental relations during the Holocene in Eastern Tigray: a geohistorical approach through archives By Ninon Blond Ninon Blond is a doctorate in geography, lecturer at the ENS of Lyon (...)

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The dynamics of Somaliland’s foreign policy and relations

20 December 2021

TERRAIN/FIELDWORK Somaliland: How a non-recognized political entity is pursuing its foreign policy? By Aleksi Ylönen Aleksi Ylönen received his Doctorate in International Relations and African Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). (...)

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Education in Traditional Schools of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

17 December 2021

TERRAIN/FIELDWORK Construction of National Identity among Children in Traditional Schools of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church By Taglo Kassa Taglo Kassa is a PhD candidate at Addis Abeba University, School of Psychology where he (...)

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Laboratory researches on lithic and faunal remains from Gotera

16 December 2021

TERRAIN/FIELDWORK The Horn of Africa during the MIS 3 (59-29 ka) Gotera Archaeological Site, Southern Ethiopia Laboratory researches on lithic and faunal remains By Marianna Fusco and Caterina Aureli Marianna Fusco, PhD candidate (...)

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