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Women and Gender in the Horn of Africa

Seminar organised by Belete Bizuneh (History dpt., Addis Ababa University), Thomas Guindeuil (CFEE), Margaux Herman (CFEE/IMAF), Angela Müller (Universität Hamburg), and Rahwa Mussie (Center for Gender Studies, Addis Ababa University).

This seminar launched in October 2015 is organised in close partnership with the Center for Gender Studies and the History Department of Addis Ababa University. It is concieved as the scientific discussions forum of the program ‘Women and gender in the Horn of Africa’ coordinated by Margaux Herman, a historian who is a specialist of Women’s History and an associate researcher of the CFEE. Gender dynamics and the role of women in societies of the Horn of Africa are the central theme of this seminar. The seminar intends to deal with many research topics (politics, education, sexuality, body, family, economy, arts) by focusing on the methods and materials for research on women and gender in particular.

Sessions of the year 2015-2016
-  30th of October 2015 : Introductory session
Pierre Guidi (IMAF), “Writing women’s history through girls’ education”
-  22nd of December 2015 : Gender dynamics in reproductive health in Ethiopia
Rahwa Mussie (Center for Gender Studies, Addis Ababa University), “Gender dynamics in reproductive health : A review of the Ethiopian situation”& Mulumebet Zenebe (Center for Gender Studies, Addis Ababa University), “Sexual experiences of male and female students of Ethiopian higher education institutions : A review of research findings”
-  29th of January 2016 : History of women in Ethiopian athletics
Tamirat Gebremariam (Debre Berhan University), “Sport history in Ethiopia : A case study of Ethiopian women athletics”& Benoit Gaudin (IRD, Addis Ababa University), “History of women in Ethiopian athletics”
-  16th of February 2016 : Anaïs Wion (IMAF, CNRS), “Wealthy but forgotten aristocratic women of the 18th century (Atkana, Bägemdǝr)”
[image.png] 20th of May 2016 (session held in the Center for Gender Studies, Addis Ababa University) : Angela M. Mueller (University of Hambourg), “Ethiopian women writers and the building of contemporary literature”
- The sessions of the current academic year are announced on the blog of the CFEE.

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