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Past and Present / History, Memory and Heritage

Seminar organised by Belete Bizuneh (History dpt., Addis Ababa University), Deresse Ayenachew (History and Heritage Management dept., Debre Berhan University), Thomas Guindeuil (CFEE), Margaux Herman (CFEE/IMAF), and Shiferaw Bekele (History dpt., Addis Ababa University).

This seminar launched in October 2015 brings together three research programs of the CFEE : ‘Historical Archaeology in Ethiopia’, ‘Writing of History and writing practices in the Horn of Africa’, and ‘Ethiopian heritage in the making’. Its central theme is a collective reflection on modes of transmission (of the past, of knowledge) as well as on topical issues related to the uses of the past and of History in Ethiopia. This seminar also deals with concerns regarding heritage : What should we preserve ? Why ? How ? Studies of the past, its vestiges and their conservation and meaning through time in History (including the contemporary period) are the main topics of the sessions of this seminar.

Sessions of the year 2015-2016
- 27th of October 2015 : Medieval History and the Memory of Monuments – Introductory Session, Marie-Laure Derat (CNRS, IMAF), “The Memory of Monuments : Archaeological Sites and Orality in Ethiopia” & Deresse Ayenachew (Debre Berhan University/CFEE), “Discourse on Medieval heritage identification and preservation in the Kingdom of Shoa (17th-19th c.)”
- 17th of November 2015 : Urban history and heritage in Addis Ababa, Dominique Harre (independent researcher), “Looking at ‘heritage maps’ : the Indian community in Addis Ababa" & Abel Chala (Debre Berhan Teacher Training College), “The politics of heritage : A focus on the statue of Emperor Menelik II, its history and preservation challenge”
- 26th of November 2015 (special session) : Dorothea McEwan (Warburg Institute, University of London), "Discovering Schimper – Observations on Tigre"
- 2nd of February 2016 : Lucie Buffavand (Max Planck Institute), “Stones of remembrance and forgetting : Gravestones in a South-Western Ethiopian landscape”
- 16th of February 2016 : Amélie Chekroun (Musée du quai Branly/IMAF), “Azaïs and the first heritage institutions of Ethiopia (1922-1936) : between French influence and Ethiopian nationalism”
- 25th of March 2016 (seminar held in Debre Berhan University) : The Geneaologies of Craftmanship : Chalachew Yegifneh (Debre Berhan University), “Handicraft in Ethiopia with particular emphasis on the kingdom of Šäwa (17th-19thc)” & Anne-Lise Goujon (Université Paris Ouest/CFEE), “Learning and transmission of ceramic skill : Common process and variability among Woloyta, Oromo and Mbere”
- 7 juin 2016 : James C. McCann (Boston University), “Sacred Waters : Historical Ecology, Power, and the Soul of the Blue Nile”
- 21st of June 2016 : Hiluf Berhe (Aksum University), “Aksum (Ethiopia) : An Inquiry into the State of Documentation and Preservation of the Archaeological and Heritage Sites and Monuments”
- 23rd of June 2016 : Marie Huber (Université Humboldt, Berlin), “Images of Tourism – Images of Heritage : Establishing National Heritage through Tourism Promotion in Ethiopia from ca. 1960-1989”

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