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Medieval and Post-Medieval History of Ethiopia (XIth-XVIIIth c.)

Seminar organised by Anaïs Wion (CFEE, CNRS), Shiferaw Bekele (History dpt., Addis Ababa University), Deresse Ayenachew (Zar’a Ya’eqob Center for Medieval Studies, Debre Berhan University), Kindeneh Endeg (Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University), Thomas Guindeuil (CFEE), and Margaux Herman (CFEE/IMAF).

This seminar launched in 2013 aims at presenting the works in progress of Ethiopian and international researchers : historians, philologists, archaeologists, and all sorts of researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities that are interested in historical issues in the region. Each monthly session is followed by an extendedin-depth discussion.
The fact that the time period chosen is very broad is theoccasionto discuss the relevance of historical phases (‘Medieval’, ‘Modern’, or ‘Post-Medieval’ ones). Important questions related to the chronological frames of the ‘Pre-Contemporary’ History of Ethiopia include the kinds of documents considered, the evolution and changes of the phenomena under consideration, as well as the interactions between different societies and cultures.
The various sources and methods presented in the course of this seminar’s session all have in common that they are based on fieldwork. The heuristics of fieldwork-based research is a common thread of this seminar as well.

Sessions of the year 2014-2015
-  28th of October 2014 : Yonas Beyene (CFEE/ARCC), Metassebia Bekele (ARCC) &Anne-Lise Goujon (EHESS, ANR DiffCeram), “New research trends on Southern Ethiopia historical archaeology”
Yonas Beyene & Metassebia Bekele : “Archaeological and ethno-historic research at Nagassa, Gamo-Gofa”
Anne-Lise Goujon : “Megaliths of Gedeo zone : An appeal for documenting and studying of South-Ethiopia stelae sites”
-  2nd of December 2014 : Iwona Gajda (CNRS, UMR 8167 Orient et Méditerranée) &Julien Charbonnier (Durham University/UMR 8167 Orient et Méditerranée), “The Aksumite site of Wakarida, Tegray : archaeological research (2011-2014)”
- 13th of January 2015 : Bertrand Hirsch (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne / IMAF), “Oromo historiography”
-  10th of February 2015 : Amélie Chekroun (IMAF), Deresse Ayenachew (Zer’a Ya’eqob Centre for Medieval Studies, Debre Berhan Univ.) & Ahmed Zakarya(Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa Univ.), “Muslim communities in Ethiopia during Medieval times”
Amélie Chekroun : “Foundation and founding myths of the city of Harar”
Deresse Ayenachew : “Historical survey of the Wärǧǝḥ : a Muslim community in the Christian highland of Šäwa”
Ahmed Zakarya : “Statement regarding the Harla people”
-  24th of March 2015 : Daniel Assefa (Capucin Center for Research and Spiritual Retreat/CFEE) & Anne Regourd (UMR 7192 “Proche-Orient & Caucase”/ERC Islam in the Horn of Africa), “Christian and Muslim sources”
Daniel Assefa : “The military campaigns of King Amda Tseyon (1314-1344) : a literary analysis”
Anne Regourd : “The project to make a catalogue of the manuscripts of the Abdullahi Sharif Library, Harar”
-  3rd of April 2015 : Amélie Chekroun (IMAF) & Margaux Herman (CFEE/IMAF), “Negotiating after war : the roles of Christian and Muslim Ethiopian Queens during the 16th c.”
-  13th of May 2015 : Vincent Lemire (UPEM-ACP/Open Jerusalem Project Director) &Stéphane Ancel (IMAF/Open Jerusalem Project Member), “Ethiopia in Open Jerusalem ERC-Project : Transnational Issues of Ongoing Researches and Inquiries”
-  19th of May 2015 : Chloé Darmon (Université Lumière Lyon 2, UMR 5596 Dynamique du langage) & Desalegn Amsalu (Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa Univ.), “Agaw, a lost history of diversity ?”
 Chloé Darmon : “What can Linguistics tell us about History On language contact between Agaw and Ethiosemitic”
Desalegn Amsalu : “History, memory, and music among the Kumpal Agaw”
-  30th of June 2015 : Margaux Herman (CFEE/IMAF), Deresse Ayenachew (Debre Berhan University/CFEE) & Anaïs Wion (CNRS/CFEE), “Contacts between Arabic and Ge’ez, Islam and Christianity”
Margaux Herman & Deresse Ayenachew : “Abba Enbaqom, author of the Anqӓsӓ Amin (‘The Gate of the Faith’) : a text at the crossroads of Christian and Muslim 16th century’s worlds”
Anaïs Wion : “Coptic and Arabic documents in Christian Ethiopian archives :
rare witnesses of the Alexandrian bishops’ authority (14th-19th c.)”

Sessions of the year 2013-2014
-  16th of October 2014 : Claire Bosc-Tiessé (CEMAf, CNRS) & Marie-Laure Derat(CEMAf, CNRS), “Archaeological and historical research in Lalibela and its region : texts, objects and monuments from the 11th to the 21st cent.”
[image.png] 7th of November 2013 : Margaux Herman (Debra Berhan Univ.), “How to write the history of the royal presence in Gojjam am during the 16th century : the screen of the 19th c. regional historiography”
[image.png] 4th of December 2013 : Kindeneh Endeg (Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa Univ.) : “Thriving On/Under Hardship : Qebat during the Reign of Iyasu I” ; Anaïs Wion(CFEE, CNRS) : “Ambiguous heroes and forbidden memories : Abuna Krestodolu and abdan Dengel from Gonj (Gojjam)”
[image.png] 15th of January 2014 : Deresse Ayenachew (Zer’a Ya’eqob Centre for Medieval Studies, Debre Berhan Univ.), Shiferaw Bekele (History dpt., Addis Ababa Univ.) & Anaïs Wion (CFEE, CNRS), “Field report of a joint mission in Gassetcha (Walaqa)”
-  5th of February 2014 (seminar held in Debre Berhan Univ.) : Thomas Guindeuil(Labex CAP/INP/IMAF), “Food, cuisine and social order in Ethiopia (13th-19thc.)” ;Emmanuel Fritsch (CFEE), “A story of window and trench : late antiquity churches of Northern Ethiopia”
-  5th of March 2014 : Shiferaw Bekele (History dpt., Addis Ababa Univ.), “Mapping Medieval Ethiopia : The Province of Waj, 13th to the 16th centuries” ; Amélie Chekroun (CEMAf), “The Ethiopian Muslim sultanate of the Bar Sa’ad ad-din (1415-1570) : the writing of history, war and society”
-  9th of April 2014 : Heruy Abdu (Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa Univ.), “Spatio-temporal Analysis of Ethiopian Royal Itineraries : King Bäkafa’s 1723 Campaign against the Jawi” ; Margot Monsillon (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne/IMAF), “The funeral megaliths in South Ethiopia (10th-16th c.) : historiography, descriptions and interpretations”
-  7th of May 2014 : Deresse Ayenachew (Zer’a Ya’eqob Centre for Medieval Studies, Debre Berhan Univ.), “Images of king Zär’a Ya’eqob (1434-68) in Ethiopian written and oral traditions” ; Dirk Burstof (Gondar Univ.), “Epistemology and nature of oral historical traditions (with example on the case of Zär’a Ya‘eqob in Gurage area)”
-  4th of June 2014 : Habtamu Mengestie (Florida Gulf Coast Univ.), “Foundation and posterity of the church of Tadbaba Maryam” ; Mersha Alehegn (Philology dept, Addis Ababa University) : “Rähab Abiyy [The Great Famine] : A testimony to hagiology for historiography of medieval Ethiopia”